At The Warehouse we are always working to continuously improve, in order to better serve our customers, make things easier for our teams, and to improve our way of working.

We are aware that good ideas come from all sorts of places, including our teams, suppliers and customers. Internally, we have a mechanism called "Brainwaves" whereby any member of The Warehouse team can submit an idea ('brainwave') . Every brainwave is considered and responded to by a senior member of the leadership team. We want to give you, our trading partners, a similar opportunity to help us jointly drive continuous improvement, so we have created an email address: [email protected]

So, if you have an idea on:

> process improvement
> how to drive more sales or profit
> how to improve service to our customers
> make it easier for our teams

or any other 'brainwave', please submit using the email address above.

All 'brainwaves' will be responded to by a member of The Warehouse team.

Please note: this is not for sending new supplier submission forms - these are to be sent through the 'Becoming a Supplier' page:click here for details.