Terms of Trade

The Warehouse New Zealand Terms of Trade documents

Please contact the buying team for the most recent information about our Terms and Policies.

Document Description File Type Size
General Terms Of Trade FY17 Outlines the over-arching Terms of Trade you need to agree with to do business with The Warehouse PDF 301KB
Changes To General Terms Of Trade FY17 Outlines the changes to our General Terms of Trade vs the previous version. PDF 393KB
As above in Mandarin. As above in Mandarin. PDF 255KB
The Warehouse Supplier Workplace Standards Pamphlet outlining the key workplace standards that Suppliers to The Warehouse need to comply with. PDF 774KB
The Warehouse Supplier Factory Register Factories we buy from (through a Supplier) need to be registered with The Warehouse. Use this form to convey this information to The Warehouse. PDF 119KB
Supplier Workplace Standards: Audit Waiver Application Form If you wish to apply for an audit waiver for any of the factories in the above register, you must complete out waiver application process. Use this form. PDF 160KB
Product Related Description Examples Examples of how to create product descriptions that make sense to our customers. PDF 113KB

Thank you for your interest in supplying a product or service to The Warehouse. To be considered as a Supplier you will need to: