Working In Stores

Many of our suppliers provide in-store merchandisers and representatives to assist our stores in the filling and presentation of their products. It is important that these representatives conduct their business professionally, efficiently and safely, for the benefit of our customers, team, and suppliers.

To assist with this, we have created a handbook that covers the protocols and procedures involved in entering the store, working on the trading floor, placing orders etc. It has been designed to give you a basic resource covering what you can and cannot do while in our stores, and who you should contact if you need any help.

Copies of this handbook have also been provided to our Store Managers, to ensure that everyone has the same expectations when suppliers or their representatives enter our stores.

The intended audience of this handbook are vendors and their suppliers who visit our stores regularly. This covers both single-supplier merchandisers/representatives, as well as multi-supplier merchandisers.

Click here to download the manual.