Easter 2020

Our 2020 Easter Deals will be available soon! Be sure to bookmark this page and check back for some amazing deals instore and online.

At The Warehouse, we take Easter pretty seriously. Not too seriously because after all , it is Easter! We stock some fab products like Easter chocolates, Easter bunnies, chocolate share-packs, Easter eggs, and oh, did we mention chocolates? But if you’re not that into the sweet stuff or are not too keen on having your kids run around high on sugar, well, we’ve got plenty of non-chocolate options to choose from. Like for instance, gorgeous Easter pyjamas, art and craft for the little ones, buntings for your party, and pretty much everything you need to put up an egg hunt that’s a winner with the kids (and some parents)! All of it at such low prices that you can have a happy, happy Easter no matter your budget. So, go ahead and treat your family, friends and yourself these holidays.